What we do best

Problem Solving

We are first and foremost Problem Solvers. Our tools of trade: clear communication combined with modern, lightweight, fast and reliable IT.

Rapid prototyping

Get to done fast. How? Start with the endresult in sight. Less paper, more prototyping.


We live, breath, eat and sleep code. Name the technology and we've done a project with it.

Launching and Monitoring

DevOps is our game. Infrastructure, continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud solutions. Release every day.

FlowLabs Logistics

Industry 4.0 - Warehousing Software

In 2016 FlowLabs started a new business branch that focusses on consultancy and development in logistics.
The Order Management System 'Welag-Delta' (in business since 1989) has been completely rewritten to a modern, modular and user friendly platform.
Welag-Delta powers all logistic activity and warehouse strategies at the three distribution centers of our main customer NWD-Gruppe in Münster, Germany.

Welag-Delta impression

Welag-Delta running live at the main warehouse of NWD-Gruppe in Münster, Germany.


All-in-one Logistics Integration Platform

Welag-Delta seamlessy integrates many different Material Handling Systems from a wide variety of Manufactures; we work with Shuttles, Carousels, Robots, Conveyers, and many more. On the business side we interface with services like ERP solutions, E-Commerce and Track & Trace.

Intelligent Warehouse Strategies

Our integration platform allows you to deploy and profit from different strategies: goods-to-man, single-pick, multi-pick, cross-docking, batching, pick-to-light, etc. Business Information, Forecasting, Dashboarding and Smart Workforce-management are first-class citizens.

Modern, Modulair, Versatile & User Friendly

  • On-Premise or Cloud-Based (SaaS)
  • Create and adjust Business Rules to your specific needs
  • Modern UI (webbased and mobile ready)

Problem Solving // Full Stack Development // Agile // Motivated By Design

The Team

Sander Boom Managing Director
Principal Software Developer

Gert Goet Senior Developer

Koen Molkenboer Senior Developer

Job Tiel Groenestege Senior Developer / Analyst

Patrick van Efferen Medior Developer

Vincent van Os Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Rui Chen Senior Developer

Matthijs Verschoor Consultant .NET / Microsoft technologies

Wilfred Waltman Senior Developer

Stefan Ruijsenaars Angular Developer

Advisory board
Alex Pelsmaeker & Ivar Hagendoorn

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